Cream pleated evening dress inspired by Fortuny



 Cream pleated dress inspired by Fortuny Delphos dress. Fans of Downton Abbey could see it in cobalt blue, worn by Lady Mary herself. Simple chic , so elegant, so Mary.

The Delphos gown was created about 1907 and named after a classical Greek statue, the Charioteer of Delphi. This was based on the ancient Greek chiton, that was a form of underwear and was meant to be worn without anything underneath, and such a gown at the beginning of the 20th century was quite shocking.

The dress is beautiful in it's simplicity. It can be worn with a sash, belt or with nothing at all.
The original Fortuny designs were embellished with glass Murano beads to weigh down the dress.
They were made of lightweight silk to ensure a smooth fit.
My dress is made of pleated polyester satin and it hangs nicely due to the weight of the satin itself, and I used Swarovski crystals to decorate it.

As with all my dresses , everything can be customized, so please feel free to ask me.
The dress can be floor length or shorter - it depends on your preferences.

The standard size dress is 60" -150cm long. Please contact me if you want it shorter or longer .