Edwardian Dress handmade in England Titanic Downton Abbey vintage styled with lace and Swarovski crystals



Edwardian evening dress, Downton Abbey inspired dress- great for any special occasion - wedding, party or Christmas day, ball, cruise or Edwardian tea party.

As you can see - I love the fashion from the beginning of the last century. I love Victorian and Edwardian dresses, blouses, hats - all that details that are so gorgeous but time consuming and expensive. I think many of us would love to live in that era when women were so glamorous and could wear those long skirts and dresses every day.

So I decided to make the garments inspired by Victorian and Edwardian fashion but fitted for today's world. Some of them are evening dresses, some wedding or ball gowns, some skirts for someone like me loving the very long skirts, beautiful blouses that can be worn every day or for special occasions. If you cannot find what you are looking for or have some ideas for special garment or want some changes in my designs, please feel free to talk to me :)

And here you have Lady Edith as I call this dress - inspired by Downton Abbey obviously - I am great fan of the series.

The dress is made of burgundy taffeta, the bodice is lined with satin and the skirt just regular lining to make it lighter. I could underline it with the satin as well for more luxurious feel but it would be heavier and stiffer - if you wish to change it, please let me know.

You can see hand embroidery on the bodice - silver thread and Swarovski crystals.

The lace covering the shoulders gives you the Edwardian elegance and modesty at the same time. And the lace at the hem is the Edwardian touch as well.

Standard total length 60" The dress can be made with custom measurements with the length you need.

Can be made with silk instead of taffeta for additional cost of fabric. It could be satin if you want more shimmer in the dress.