Swim Dress from film Titanic worn by Rose DeWitt Bukater. Sinking dress worn by Kate Winslet in Titanic replica by Mona Bocca



Swim dress from film Titanic is one of the most known costume movies. The Sinking Dress is one of the most desirable dresses that Kate Winslet has worn as Rose DeWitt Bukater. I've had many requests to make this iconic Titanic dress and here is my replica.

One young lady wanted to go to Comic Con dressed as Rose from the Titanic sinking scene - together with a handmade swimming jacket - and has commissioned me to make her that Swim Titanic dress. I could have taken it easy because it was just a Comic Con one could say, but I am always trying my best to get as close to the original as possible.

I've spent hours watching and re-watching Titanic trying to get the best view of the dress possible. I've watched editorials , I've studied the original design sketch of that dress that you can find on the internet and I've tried to match it as close as I could. Of course the cost was also a factor in this case and I couldn't go for silk due to the budget restrictions. Most of us dream of nice dresses but we have to watch our pockets - especially when buying something that would not be used too often. I would love to make the dreams come true - not only mine but other people too. And how many of us love to watch the movie Titanic just for the dresses ( if not for the romance ;) ) it may be hard to decide which dress is the nicest - Swim dress, Jump dress, Deck dress, Lunch Dress or maybe the heavenly Heaven Dress? but I am sure we can agree every one of them is beautiful.

So I had to find fabric that would look close to the original, feel nice to touch - I hate itchy fabrics - and was  affordable.  And I am proud of what I achieved. :) I hope you like my version of Swim Dress too.

The dress is made to order because I want to make sure it fit nicely and I do not believe in standard sizes - we are all different and I am against standardized images of women as thin, very tall creatures - even though I know a few such ladies myself. :) We are all different and worth having a custom made dress!

It is made with different shades of silk imitation cationic chiffon, golden lace, faux pearls and silky satin.

I can make it with silk - please contact me to discuss.

The dress can be customized as needed - with a shorter train, different fabric, different colour, custom size etc. Whatever you wish for - just let me know.

Made to order. please allow 6-8 weeks depending on my order book. Rush order available if needed - please contact me for details.

To make this Titanic Swim dress I will need the measurements as follow:
bust - the widest part
underbust - bra band
waist - the narrowest part
length from the shoulder to the underbust - taken over the bust
length from the underbust to the bottom of the dress