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I have up for sale true heirloom treasures that belong to my Grandmother. She has decided to sell her jewellery and raise money for two charities that have helped her a lot. She let me and the other granddaughters choose one piece each and asked me to sell the rest. So please do check my listings as they are unique, marvellous items - you won't find any replicas of them.

I cleaned this brooch a little as it is made of silver and hasn't been used for a very, very long time.

This is another brooch that was my Great Grandmother's jewelery who passed it down to my Grandmother. It is from Art Deco Egyptian revival times. It is made of textural rolled gold signed ECCO RG (for Rolled Gold). It is beautiful work with depicted papyrus leaves encompassed by graceful scrollwork.

ECCO was a jewellery design company from Toronto which operated between 1916 -1950. And rolled gold it is not actual gold : "What is rolled gold wire or gold fill wire?

The easiest way to explain it is to think of a sheet of 14K gold made into a hollow tube. The inside of this tube is filled with a jewelers alloy metal core. The thickness of the outside sheet of 14K gold metal is strictly regulated and will be within the same level of tolerances no matter what supplier. The 14K gold on the outside is what touches your skin and is cared for like any of your gold jewelry. It has a very long life and can be handed down. Rolled gold is 100 times the amount of gold than average gold plate. Gold plate is either a dip or sprayed on which is why it does not last as long as rolled gold. Rolled gold allows me to make wonderful jewelry for a fraction of the cost. Women can have fun with their jewelry and not worry about having so much money invested in it that they are afraid to wear it! "

I am sure this brooch will look stunning as a brooch or hair pin - if you wish I could fit it to a golden pin or hair comb.

This beautiful heirloom brooch measures 2inch (5cm) by ca 1 1/2 (3.5cm)