Vintage True Heirloom Brooch or Wedding Hair Comb OOAK Vintage AB Amber Rhinestone Brooch Haircomb Downton Abbey



I have up for sale true heirloom treasures that belong to my Grandmother. She has decided to sell her jewellery and raise money for two charities that have helped her a lot. She let me and the other granddaughters choose one piece each and asked me to sell the rest. So please do check my listings as they are unique, marvellous items - you won't find any replicas of them. I didn't clean them truly to keep their vintage charm and beauty.

I saw my grandmother wearing this absolutely stunning brooch on her golden wedding anniversary. It has made such statement that she looked like Queen Elisabeth herself.

I would love to wear it as a bridal hair comb myself but I am not too far from my silver anniversary ;)

This is 50-60's brooch I believe - my grandmother was far too busy with her many grandchildren later on to care about buying anything new to add to her collection

I am sure this brooch will look stunning as a brooch or hair comb - if you wish I could fit it to a gold plated comb.

This beautiful heirloom brooch measures 3 inch (7.5cm) by ca 1 2/3 inch (4cm).